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A customised generative artwork
A framed generative artwork stands on a table surrounded by plants

Change this art.

Change the shape, colour, and size of our prints.

With our online art customiser you'll make a unique artwork — delivered right to your home.

You know you'll be getting a great print for your wall, because you've helped to make it.

Two colourful pieces of wall art hang side-by-side on a slat wall above a console table with books

It's easy:


Pick a starter design

There are plenty of options to get your design started, so pick one you like and get going.


Customise it

Change the text, shapes and colours of your print by moving the sliders in the live-preview customiser.


Place your order

We'll cover the shipping costs and you'll get your custom print in 3 to 8 business days.

Closeup of a customised generative artwork A generative artwork stands on a bench next to a coat and hat
Millions of options

Millions of variations

There are literally millions of options, so you can be sure you're getting unique art prints.

Delightful quality

Delightful quality

All artworks come on thick, luxurious, and gently textured 260gsm museum-quality paper.


Free worldwide shipping

Shipping is free on each and every order.

Love it! The colours fit perfectly and the black is very vivid. The paper quality was even better than expected!"

Jennifer W.
from Canada

I got it! It’s beautiful :)"

Hrishi M.
from the U.K.

They look lovely and made it here right on time. I loved that I could design them exactly as I wanted. Thank you."

Elly T.
from the U.K.

Have you ever found something that you thought was great but it wasn’t quite what you wanted? Something that you wished could be a different color scheme, a different shape, something... more you? Something you could customize to make a unique wall art to hang in your home, brighten up the decor, work with the style of the room? Something that you could look at and be inspired by and know that you had a hand in creating?

Take a look at our customizable prints. You can change the shapes, change the colors, change the art to create custom wall art, custom prints, custom posters. With our generative art maker it's a doddle to make your own piece of modern art that'll make a great addition to your decor.

Available in different poster sizes, our beautifully vibrant giclée wall art is delivered on 260 gsm etching paper with a delightful matt finish.

You can change the prints a little, or a lot. Looking for a gallery wall idea with prints that flow and work together? Start with one of the prints and change the color, the shape, the space or the curve. Or mix it up. Let your creativity guide you.

Did you ever wish that there were more unique wall art ideas? Why do all the posters look the same? Where is the inspiring wall art? Can you generate your own print? Decide how you want the shapes to drift? How sharp you want the edges?

Art and design. New media art. Generative art. Beautiful art prints. — Just start with one of the Typecurve prints and finish with your own beautiful custom art print.

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